Cap & T-shirt

  • Screen printing is the process of creating a stencil in a mesh screen then using a squeegee and pushing the inks through the mess onto the shirt or garment. Screen Printed Shirts, baby tees, t-shirts, jackets, hats, caps, pants sweatshirts, jerseys, uniforms, hoodies and bags on 100% and 50-50 cotton poly blend. We are a professional screening and corporate apparel embroidery garment decorator. Are you a customer who wants to retail or re-sale a whole product line? Get your high quality silksereen promotional items for companies’ teams, schools, businesses or sports. We are specialists at silk-screening custom designs. Logo designs on garments and textiles are what we do. Customized embroidery looks great on caps,polo’s, jackets and any polyester garments that you cannot screen print. 3D embroidered hats are fun and look great. With embroidery you can also monogram towels and robes.




  • We are pleased now to be able to offer you all over shirt prints. Personalized Shirt designs can be designed & printed from collar to hem, and from sleeve to sleeve. All over shirt design allows you to use the entire garment to get your message across. All over shirt art is affordable to all clients and you end up with a great looking shirt. Not many companies offer All Over Shirt Printing, but we do! Contact us today to get your order started.