One Way Vision

CLEAR FOCUS One Way Vision? films allow stunning graphics on one side and a clear, unobstructed view from the other. Virtually all glass surfaces now have the potential for maximum visual impact. CLEAR FOCUS is the perfect window-graphics media for outdoor advertising, including vehicle and building wraps, POP, retail and commercial window signage, corporate identity and much more.

How does one way vision film work

One way vision film is like a vinyl with tiny holes or a micro perforated mesh. Since it is a vinyl, it can be easily printed using a eco solvent printer. The holes are far too tiny and closely spaced to affect image quality while printing. So imagine a film with a printed image on one side and a black back on the other. Now, the human eye tends to take in a lot of information when in front of a large image. So when a person is standing on the outside, i.e. the image side of mesh film, his mind registers the overall image and not the pin holes Conversely, when seeing nothing interesting, the eye looks for details and incongruities.

So when a person is standing on the inside, facing the black back (non image side), the eye is focused on gathering details from within the pin holes. The mind registers or sees what is happening on the other side  of the glass pane. For the effect to work right, it is recommended that light on the image side be brighter than on the non image side.

Mesh film also acts as a privacy panel, wherein the customer standing outside looks at the branding on the glass and the person on the inside ( non image side ) can look through the glass. Hence the name ‘One way vision’. Needless to say, this film opens up immense opportunities for branding and advertisement. Here are some examples of the same…




As seen above, one way vision, is being used to brand